Monday, August 2, 2010

Rules of the Water Front

As requested here are the rules

Rules of the Waterfront

1. Don’t (c)rack yourself on sharp rocks.
2. Don’t drink the fish urine.*
3. Shut Upa ya mauth.
4. Hey, were nice guys.
5. Wretched women.
6. There is but one lord in heaven and one captain of the Pequot.
7. Relax take, it easy, wear a bucket on your head, whatever.
8. Grass is grass; flips are flips; and chicks are chicks.
9. In your face space coyote!!!!
10. And ya really clumsay, tha’ swy ya fell ovfa.
11. Ye be sharks sartn but if ye gobern de shark in ya, why den ye be angels for all angels be jus sharks well goberned.
12. Easter do not mean about hats.
13. Leesen to da reethum don be scaret.


a. Don’t drink any urine

b. Don’t pee up stream, up wind or up above, any of your friends; or enemies cuz man that’s just mean.