Sunday, February 7, 2010

Park Letter

This is the letter I am sending to the Park. If you have any connection to Camp Loll or Yellowstone please take the time to voice your concerns.

I am writing to express my concern that Yellowstone National Park may be limiting Camp Loll’s access to this summer.
I have spent several wonderful summers at Camp Loll. Through the camp I have visited, Bechler Canyon, Union and Terrace Falls, Mammoth Hot Springs, Shoshone lake, and many other wonderful places. Over the years I have seen many boys and girls pass through the park. I have seen them gain an appreciation for the wilderness, and a concern for its preservation.
I have worked closely with many park rangers and officials to educate the youth about park use and conservation. In this effort camp Loll and Yellowstone are allies, and all my experiences have been extremely positive. Each year, the Park Rangers trained the staff on use of the park. As guides we all held frequent user cards. We practice strict no trace camping, we pick up our own trash and any other trash we find. We take bear-precautions and never remove anything from the park. Scouts who pass through this program gain a vital understanding of conservation.
I am very concerned that undue restrictions could be placed on Camp Loll’s outdoor program. This program benefits to the scouts and the park. The camp is not concerned with profit, we do not lead hikes for money, we want only to educate and enlighten the youth.
I love Yellowstone. I am writing because I know that the park has no greater or ally than Camp Loll. Please continue working to keep their program alive.

Thank you.

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Lysis said...

Thank you so much for this comment. I know that this is what the Park needs to hear - it is the truth, and if justice is to be gained the truth must be told.