Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Today's Haiku

Oct 22, 2012
Ima take my head off
just pop it like a ken doll's
Ima breathing torso

Jan 9 2012
Sitting with a pen
the writing is strange tonight
just too much star trek?

Jan 3 2012

The first day of class
just the same old chairs
with no back support

Jan 2 2012

The Facts are just a
Lack of imagination
so face the fiction

Aug 23, 2011 Sunset

Summer sweet summer
inevitably ends
and so it grows cold

Jan 19, 2011 Girl and Boy

 When she was a girl

Her hair smelled like red fruit loops

and I was a boy







Jan 12, 2011; To Sherylee- 

Surgely magurg

Uncle Harold, Grandpa Joe

Well whats in a name




Jan 10, 2011; Notes from English 6240; Literary Criticism.

Laboratory Lit

I'd rather be Jane Goodall 

 Just live with the Chimps.

Jan 9, 2011

So it's a new year 

and so it's back to the books

and back to Haiku










November 29, 2010 Ani Difranco Adaptaion


Laughed until we cried

because the world is absurd

beautiful and small







November 28, 2010 Just some Bebop 


Time spent with cartoons

when there's homework to be done 

never been so sweet




November 27, 2010 - For her 




Just some cheap flowers 

But the best that I could do

and so she thanked me 






November 26, 2010 - Holidays


It's far too early

Uncle Shaun will you wake up?

Lego Starwars? Yeah







November 25, 2010 - Thanks Giving







 Grandma bakes all day 

to see her son hold his son 

as she once held him.












November 24, 2010 - Computer Age

Why is this marked spam?

Why's it all in Japanese

Writers should write books.








November 23, 2001 - Winter Again

Bus driver reaches
out to close the door again
"Got to save the heat."









November 22, 2010 Wild Open Skies

Body scanners...So?
Who gives a crap? Just strip down.
We'll all fly naked

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