Saturday, April 10, 2010

Summer at Seventeen

Okay I'm going to post some of my old poems. I'm not really into poetry but I think these ones turned out okay.

This is not the staff the poem was originally about but it was a good one.

Summer at Seventeen

Seven Strong Soldiers on a

Blue Battle Field

Sun so Strong it Sears Spirit

Burns Bodies Bronze

Shines on Sails

Sparks on Spray

So Much Summer


For One Brief Moment,


Brothers Burned Brown

Sea is a Sister

Brimming Beauty

Bare feet, Built Bodies

Barely Boys


For one Endless Summer,


Sweet sugar in the air

Citrus, Light, Intense endless skies

Tangible leisure

Invigorating purpose

A long blue water, a Weathered dock

Call of wild birds, Birds call to wild

Wild answers

Tamed by the wild

We need the Sovereignty

This is also a different staff but a good one.


Taylor said...

I really really like that poem Shaun.

Lysis said...

I love your poem, and the burned brown brothers you helped to build into men.