Monday, April 12, 2010


Notes From Sociology 3540
Contemporary Issues in Third World Education

Painted ocean, scents distilled
in glassware bottles, summer faked.

Florescent sun, nylon grass
carpets the floor, lighted caves

Travel by book, school children
in East Burma, must behave

We learn for them, how to force
of ancient jungles, classrooms make.


Lysis said...

As I noted “at the Agora” I agree with the Captain on this. I do not claim to be a believer, or an agnostic – perhaps I am both, what I do claim is that as long as science does know hold all truth it cannot be used as a basis for denying the existence of God. It as if a troglodyte decided to deny the existence of television; definitely not beyond his human ability to comprehend but beyond his experience to explain or disprove.

Mons Peregrinus said...

I'll tell you why it is that I enjoy Poetry so much. I like it because with very little writing a good poet can express emotion and feeling that can captivate a reader even more than a novel or other literary work of merit. I find poetry more difficult to master than any other form of writing, because it is much more than arranging words in a beautiful manner. I feel I can accomplish that. Rather, you have to capture the essence of complex emotion which would be very difficult for some to capture in a few stanzas. When I write I want to include every fluttering thought that is loose in my mind. Good poets can bring that emotion to the reader without replicating their experiences that led to that thought process.

Captain said...

Mons Peregrinus, thank you for posting. I agree poetry can be amazing. I am not poet, but I admire those who are. A good poet is as wonderful as a good artist in any medium.